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Hello! I'm Melanie, a 19 year old sophomore at the University of Michigan and hoping to become an English major. Don't hesitate to send me an ask or talk to me, I'm really quite friendly besides being so introverted that I can't talk to people first.


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So I follow my school’s Secret Admirer page and there’s a post about a girl in Playwriting that the submitter thinks is crazy smart and so pretty she’s distracting. He/She/They thought her name was Elaine or Elana or something, but since no one has liked or commented I choose to believe they meant Melanie. Because I’m in Playwriting and it makes me feel fuzzy inside.

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—What, people call you the Doctor?


—Well, I’m not. As far as I’m concerned, you’ve got to earn that title.

#martha jones appreciation day

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asexual and aromantic visibility is So Important because I’ve never seen a single aro/ace self-discovery story that didn’t include some variation of the phrase “I thought I was broken.” 

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Can we talk about Face Off


because look at this shit


Fucking gorgeous


This is art


people create all of this


over the span of three days


and it looks so incredible


and every one of the pieces are so unique


this is all silicone, foam, and paint


all put together to create these characters


it blows my mind


I am astounded


the amount of detail in some of these


Makeup is so fucking rad


Face Off, guys

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So, I think this is the week I’m going to adopt a cat. I hope, anyway… Tomorrow I’m going to the shelter to see what I’d have to do/bring to be approved for adoption and see if they know if I can take a cab home with a cat. And, of course, to meet the kitties and see if any of them jump out as THE ONE.

Then I’m going to get a litter box and other basic supplies, then call my apartment building management to see if I have to register the cat. I won’t actually adopt the cat tomorrow, since I need to get my apartment set up and cat-ready.

Then, if that all goes well, I think Friday afternoon I’ll go over after class and actually adopt a cat. I just really need something else living in the apartment with me. It’s super lonely and I think I’d feel better if I had a feline companion to hang out with at home.

My parents (or mom, at least) are all for it, Mom even promised she’d drive in to pick me up for winter/summer break so I could bring the cat back with me, since they don’t allow non-service pets on the train. I’m just really excited, I love cats and I miss having an animal around. Or even just some companionship at home. It’s so quiet.

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comic about how I’ve been feeling recently

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'I was beat/spanked/paddled and I turned out fine? See!' I would argue that you did not turn out fine, you turned into someone who thinks it is okay to hit a defenseless child when they do something wrong because you have power over someone smaller than you.
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Meet the Cast of Newsies on Tour

Does it have to be a thing that every Jack Kelly (and Katherine in this case) have to have the same first and last name initial?

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Every time I watch The Avengers, it never fails to strike me…


Hawkeye NEVER MISSES. It’s his thing, his near-superhuman ability. Yet while he’s under Loki’s control, even when he’s supposed to be killing his comrades - he DOES miss. He hits Fury square in the bulletproof vest. He misses Maria Hill *multiple* times. He doesn’t hit Natasha when he fires arrows at her - and he is the undisputed archery master.

We know he could make amazing shots under Loki’s spell, we saw him do it. There was no reason for him to miss those shots except HE MEANT TO. Even under the control of a god, he couldn’t make himself hurt the people he cared about, and he couldn’t let anyone else hurt them through him, either. He just couldn’t kill them - and nobody will ever convince me that he couldn’t have hurt Natasha when they fought. She was injured, remember? He had a complete advantage - but she’s NATASHA. He’d never hurt her.

In my head, Loki’s mind control was very much like the imperius curse, and just like the imperius curse people with the strongest mind/will/spirit would be able to fight it to an extent. Clint didn’t want to do any of it, but he put up the strongest resistance to killing Fury, Hill and Natasha.

(Side note, those deaths are things that Loki wanted *much* less than the iridium to create the portal and being busted out of the helicarrier. Loki was probably exerting much more of his will over Clint to blow up the helicarrier and get the iridium than to kill Clint’s friends at the time. They were fairly insignificant to Loki, so Clint probably had an easier time fighting back.)

Clint proved to be a good man, despite a cruel deity forcing him to do bad things (and trying to make him do worse.)

THAT’S why I love Clint Barton.

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my goal is to be the ‘we didn’t notice her in highschool but damn we should’ve’ girl

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